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Last week marvelentertainment ran the final installment in my six-part series of interviews with the All-New Marvel NOW! Young Gun artists. In case you missed any, here are direct links to all six interviews (as well as parenthetical links to their respective Tumblr pages when applicable):

  1. Sara Pichelli (sarapichelli)
  2. Mahmud Asrar (mahmudasrar)
  3. Ryan Stegman (ryanstegman)
  4. Valerio Schiti (valerioschiti)
  5. David Marquez (davidmarquez)
  6. Nick Bradshaw (bradshawnk)


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That’s right, I am open for commissions :) If you are interested, please
feel free to private message me on facebook or tumblr ! Leave your
name and email with your inquiries, requests or questions.

Here are a few things you might want to know ! :

Terms & conditions:

WILL DRAW: Comic/manga character art (fanart), OC’s, ‘ships (character relationships),
animals, still life, backgrounds, pinup, tasteful nudity, tasteful BL (yaoi) & GL
(yuri), anthropomorphic characters.

WILL NOT DRAW: Over the top raunchiness or smut, porn or hentai.

If you have any question about the terms & conditions or you are curious about things
that I might have forgotten to list, please let me know. Depending on specific requests,
I can allow certain flexibleness.


I take Paypal or cash(in person) payments only.

Shipping :

I will ship artwork anywhere, the shipping will be calculated depending on the
destination. The price of the parcel will be calculated and the customer will
be informed of the price before shipment.

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M’lady is open for commissions. :)