Some sketchcovers I completed the last few months. More to come. check out the Auction page every Friday for new sketches and other pieces for sale.

Boston Comicon sketches and a new website! Make sure to check the auction page regularly!


Last week marvelentertainment ran the final installment in my six-part series of interviews with the All-New Marvel NOW! Young Gun artists. In case you missed any, here are direct links to all six interviews (as well as parenthetical links to their respective Tumblr pages when applicable):

  1. Sara Pichelli (sarapichelli)
  2. Mahmud Asrar (mahmudasrar)
  3. Ryan Stegman (ryanstegman)
  4. Valerio Schiti (valerioschiti)
  5. David Marquez (davidmarquez)
  6. Nick Bradshaw (bradshawnk)


Check it out! :)